Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The accident

The accident I was involved in happened on the 1st of November 2008. I was driving my scooter, Aprilia to the house of a friend of mine with a nice prospective of a Saturday evening BBQ. I live in Graceville and he lives in Indroopilly so it wasn't far.

I took Oxley Rd and , crossed the bridge, I continued on Coonan Rd and left on Station. Finney, Woodville Rd. There I stopped to wait my turn to enter the busy Moggil Rd. Cars were coming from my right side. I had to take the Moggil Rd on the left and then right onto Russel Tce. I moved with my scooter forward a bit just to get a better view of the incoming cars from the right and... BANG!

I felt like a mountain had crumbled upon me and pushed me forward into the Moggil car stream. I felt my head bending backward suddenly. I heard the crack of the plastic of my scooter and the sound of debris falling on the ground. I had a split second to make up my mind. I managed not to fall and controlled my scooter. I pulled over to my left, safe from the dangerous stream of car still coming at my right on the Moggil. The impact pushed me forward five or seven meters.

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