Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Is it bothering me that I have lost my mean of transportation? Yes!

That scooter was our main mean of transportation. I used it to go to work and back every day (in St. Lucia). We used it to explore the city during the weekends. We used it for essential shopping (food and housewares) and not essential shopping. We used it to move around.

We have of course found alternatives to our routines, like shopping online or through the AussieFarmers but these new methods have drawbacks. They are more expensive for example than going to the actual market. Shopping online through Coles we discovered is at least 20% more than shopping at he actual supermarket. Moreover you do not have the same choice of things you would have at the physical market.

In order to go to work I have a few choices. I can use my bike or I can go by bus. Bus is cumbersome though and incredibly more expensive than the scooter. I usually could go back and forth to work for two weeks with a full petrol tank which is about 8AUD. Two weeks of bus to and fro St. Lucia are approximately 70 dollars. I loved my scooter.

Bike is OK (when is not pouring) and it is good to stay in shape but I believe is fighting with my whiplash at the moment and my neck is not completely convinced it's a good alternative.

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