Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The pictures

The trace of my intended trip.

This is the car that hit me. The plate is barely damaged. This is the final position of the car after the accident when it came to a full stop. Debris of the scooter can be seen around the front part of the car approximately where the crash took place.

This is my scooter after the accident. All the rear parts have been damaged or completely destroyed. Mud guard, lights, light guards. The top box has been damaged too and it couldn't close properly. Reg plate was still attached to an electric cable. The scooter was pushed several meters into Moggil. My scooter has not been repaired yet. I am waiting for the other person insurance to check the amount of damage.

I have already provided a quote for the repairs and my scooter is now at the scooter shop (scooterLife) in Fortitude valley, waiting.
Funnily, they have evaluated it might need more than 2,500.00 AUD to repair it. That's approximately the amount I paid it in the first place when I bought it. The insurance will be probably offering me less than that. So I won't have my scooter back and I won't be able to buy a new one with the money. My scooter worked perfectly.

This is how my scooter looked before the accident. Shot taken actually a few days before the accident.

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