Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Purpose of this diary

The reason I decided to write this diary about my accident is simple, I wanted to remember and I wanted to keep track of what is happening to me and the problems that an apparent small accident is causing to my life, to many aspect of it.

I have suffered of a whiplash. This injury is defined as: "a soft tissue injury to the neck-is also called neck sprain or neck strain. It is characterized by a collection of symptoms that occur following damage to the neck, usually because of sudden extension and flexion. The disorder commonly occurs as the result of an automobile accident and may include injury to intervertebral joints, discs, and ligaments, cervical muscles, and nerve roots"

I have discovered that whiplash symptoms can take months to fade away and I didn't want to lose track of them and forgetting with time of all the troubles they are causing to me.

I will try to update this diary constantly from now on and describing how I am feeling and how medications and physiotherapy make the thing progress. I hope this might be useful to whom has suffered or is suffering something similar. It will definitely be useful to me.

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