Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Strappy me

In a desperate attempt to alleviate my discomfort, my good physiotherapist decided to try out something different the last time we met. He decided to strap my left shoulder in order to ease off the stress on the shoulder muscles caused by the weakness in the neck muscles. He put strapped me and I took the strap on for more than 2 days, just to try things out.

It wasn't comfortable and a bit itchy but bearable for a couple of days. It Didn't actually do much for my shoulder pain nor made it worse though. However the first night I took it off it backfired and caused me a terrible pain in the left shoulder. It was like having continuous cramps... not nice. (by the way my shoulder hairs didn't like it either when I removed the strap).

Shoulder discomfort is now swapping regularly from right to left shoulder. It comes out normally after half a day of work and forces me to leave my chair for good. I am fine if I walk but not if I sit down for more than on hour. At home is better because I can lay down on the bed or the couch and completely take some weight off my neck and shoulders.

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