Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sympthoms (2)

I have been to physio today for my weekly appointment and I've endured some serious neck-manipulation this time. I felt immediately relieved after the manipulation and the soreness and stiffness of the neck seemed to had vanished when I left the physiotherapy room.. but I suspect something didn't go perfectly well with the massage because when I came back to my office and started working at the computer I started feeling an unbearable sordid pain in the shoulders and back.

There was no way I could stay in my chair for more than 10 minutes without this pain underlying whatever position I was experimenting in the attempt to alleviate the discomfort.

After a couple of hours of pointless twisting about on the chair I just gave up. Printed a few scientific papers (to have something to work on) and went back home where I laid on my bed to ease off the muscular pain. And this is with Nurofen. I just do not want to imagine how it would be without it.

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