Sunday, November 30, 2008

mid term disturbancies of whiplash

Now this is getting really upsetting. I have taken my usual amount of nurofen and started the working week with the hope that I would stay relaxed and pain free for the day. well. it's not the case.

I have been sitting all morning, writing, in front of my computer and at lunch time already I have my shoulders and upper back really sore. It's a deep, i believe, muscular-related pain but it's there and it's not letting me go.

It is really affecting my life. I might be better off not focusing on it but it's impossible. This sensation starts as a discomfort and keeps building up. Now I feel it much stronger than a couple of hours ago. My neck movements are more restricted as well and I already know that I will find relief only on my bed at home. I shall try increasing the Nurofen dosage.

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